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Author Topic: The Adventure Draws Near -- Fly and Ride from CA to PA via Region 3  (Read 1137 times)

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Hello all.  Will be flying in late May to Los Angeles to pick up squeezer's old FJR, then putting some miles on as I head home to Pennsylvania.  I've considered routes that take me north into Oregon and Washington, then east to take in Lolo Pass, Chief Joseph, Yellowstone, Beartooth, and then a drop down into CO or eastward to the Black Hills. 

I'm looking for local guidance to tell me if I'm a total idiot for attempting the area the first week in June.  Also to point out good places I should go, eat, and stay, and places I should stay away from. 

I see R Doug is planning on puttering around the area in the same time frame, so I'll be tracking his posts on the subject as well.

In the interest of non-forum clutter I'll put a link to my post in the Region 1 forum.


Thanks for any and all help anyone can provide.