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Author Topic: Headlight lesson learned - '03 K1200RS  (Read 406 times)

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Headlight lesson learned - '03 K1200RS
« on: February 16, 2017, 09:57:00 PM »
I let myself be talked into replacing my HID's with an LED low beam (H7) and a high wattage high beam (H3). Silly, silly me. The LED H7 won't fit in the space available. The heatsink and fan take up too much volume. And there are issues with carving up the dust cover. The H3 fails simply because the reflector is plastic. A 100W lamp will probably cook the plastic. Bad! Oh very bad!

The HID's went back in. I'll look for an H3 replacement that reaches full brightness fast than the present light. Any other mods are off the table. And all it cost me to learn all of this only a set of LED H7 (can't buy just one) and a 100W H3 (can buy just one) and the time to pull the front tupperware off and put it back. Leaving everything as it was before. Perfect!  :baldy:
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