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Author Topic: Heavy Metal in Loveland - August 1st  (Read 1365 times)

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Heavy Metal in Loveland - August 1st
« on: July 27, 2015, 06:52:31 PM »
A local bigwig & war buff is having a "40's on 4th Street" event this coming Saturday:

Fifteen to 20 military vehicles, including Morgan's operating Stuart and Sherman tanks, will take up positions on the street, he said.

He's calling on his buddies in several states to bring their vehicles, so visitors can expect to see a German Panzer III tank and a half-track, two Kubelwagens and a German truck in the Axis section at the east end of the block.

Morgan will bring enough of his extensive vehicle collection, including a Weasel, a Duck and a U.S. Army command car, to fill the block. For ham radio fans, he'll have working military radios.

Anyone who has a pre-war car is invited to contact Morgan or his daughter, Callie Morgan, to find out how to join the display, and visitors are encouraged to dress for the era.

Anyone who lingers until after the event ends at 10 will get a treat when the tank crews move the iron monsters from Fourth Street to a parking area at Fifth and Railroad.

"A lot of people see tanks in city parks, but the people who stay around to the end get the opportunity to hear them fire up and see them drive down the street," he said.