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Off Topic Discussion / Re: What are you reading?
« Last post by Bounce on Yesterday at 10:02:17 AM »
I'm current reading "Helmet for a Pillow" by Robert Leckie. It's a WW2 memoir that, along with "With the Old Breed" are considered the most detailed and accurate sharing of events. They were also used as source material for Tom Hanks' "Pacific".
Off Topic Discussion / Re: Car shopping and the CVT
« Last post by Bounce on Yesterday at 09:57:04 AM »
I have an '18 WRX with 3 pedals for when i need a cage.   It it not an STI  - just the base 6-speed.  The only option on the window sticker is the Short-Throw shifter.   No electronic B/S, except anti-lock brakes and cruise control.   I love it.   Everything is mechanical and analog - and it is wonderful.

My '03 Bugeye was a 5 speed. The '08 STi was a 6. Had to put in a Kartboys short-throw shifter in the WRX but the STi was copacetic. STi has traction control and you could see it tuck an under-steer back to normal with the push of the button (from off to on). Since '08, Subie has let the STi languish while heaping improvements into the WRX that have closed the gap so much that the STi can't be justified for the price difference anymore.
EOE: Experts On Everything / Re: Phone cases
« Last post by Black Hills on Yesterday at 09:49:58 AM »
Otter box defender works great been dropped out of my pickup, off my motorcycle, been banged into everything imaginable from job sites to caves and never an issue. 
Off Topic Discussion / Re: Per Baxter - the good things thread
« Last post by minimac on Yesterday at 09:41:19 AM »
There goes the neighborhood. Next it will be roving scooter gangs.
EOE: Experts On Everything / Re: Phone cases
« Last post by viffergyrl on Yesterday at 09:39:41 AM »
I have always had some sort of protective case and screen protection. I've never had to replace a screen or a phone. An ounce of prevention and all. The last phone had the Otterbox Defender and I agree with Doc... too bulky. And I never used the belt clip part. Do you plan to carry the phone in a pocket or clipped to your belt? That needs to be part of the decision.

I have a slimmed down Otterbox case now. Goes into a clothes pocket or the purse pocket. I have a Galaxy A50.
EOE: Experts On Everything / Re: Phone cases
« Last post by doc4216 on Yesterday at 09:21:51 AM »
On the other end, I have been very pleased with the Apple case. It is has been dropped numerous times with the apple case on, even on concrete, with zero cracks or issues. Make sure you get a good screen protector (impact kind) and keep your phone at a reasonable size.

I have a lot of friends that love the otterbox, in fact, my work issues them with out phones. I personally can't stand them. I can't comfortably keep my phone in my pocket with that huge rubber case, they never stay clean, and I don't like the plastic protector over the screen. Just my 0.02.

So many good cases on amazon that you can certainly find one that meets your liking.
Pit Row / Re: MotoAmerica is racing this weekend
« Last post by garry on Yesterday at 09:18:38 AM »
The spread in laps times is huge. Cameron is over 2 seconds faster than #2. I'm used to seeing a top 10 separated by less than a second (MotoGP, WSBK) and #10 is over 7 seconds off the pace. We'll see what happens come Superpole and the first race today.

EDIT: Race 1 was pretty good!

I didn't realize that PJ is running both Superstock and Superbike.
Pit Row / Re: MotoAmerica is racing this weekend
« Last post by Skee on Yesterday at 08:52:45 AM »
Just thought you might like to know...

Beaubier Breaks Superbike Lap Record At Road America

Monster Energy Attack Performance Yamaha rider Cameron Beaubier earned provisional pole position during MotoAmerica Superbike qualifying Friday at Road America, in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin.

Riding his new, 2020-model YZF-R1 tuned by his new crew chief Richard Stanboli, four-time and defending Champion Beaubier lapped the four-mile-long course in 2:11.145, eclipsing the previous MotoAmerica/AMA Superbike lap record of 2:11.333 set by Josh Hayes in 2012, according to MotoAmerica.
EOE: Experts On Everything / Re: Phone cases
« Last post by mr.awesome on Yesterday at 07:46:24 AM »
+1 on the otter box. Have been using them for years, dropping the phone banging into things on the job, no issues at all. I took the phone out of the box for a road trip to make it a bit slimmer. Pulled it out of my pocket to take a picture and dropped it. You guessed it, screen shattered. Phone stays in the box now.
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