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I don't think I want to follow this train of thought any more :-)

Why think about it when you can keep a spreadsheet.   :threadjacked:
Cheaper than therapy...
Total guess here, capitalizing on the currently-super-popular big-bore ADV bike movement probably feels more immediately commercially viable to them...?
Off Topic Discussion / Re: You laugh. You Lose.
« Last post by jadziadax8 on Today at 03:21:39 PM »
Out, especially because I was on a flight in that scenario Sunday night, sans the helpful vet.
U.S. Region 4 / Re: OMG - Enough with the snow already!
« Last post by jadziadax8 on Today at 03:17:47 PM »
Germany (all brands) doesn't coat its parts against corrosion?

I have no clue if that's the case.
FWIW, the Road 5 that I put on the Super Duke in late August (for the Marietta gathering) is now toast at just over 4K miles. That's the same longevity as the OEM Angel GT.

Fuel is about 7.5 cents per mile. That's about 5 cents per mile for just the rear tire. Considering the front is roughly half the cost of a rear, I'm in the 15 cents per mile range on consumables.

I don't think I want to follow this train of thought any more :-)

Off Topic Discussion / Re: What did you do today Non moto
« Last post by maddjack on Today at 02:47:49 PM »
Making ham and bean soup for dinner ( simmering now)  , made a pasta salad for us to have for lunch , chopped peppers up for chili  and put into containers, made coleslaw for dinner side tomorrow, and made egg salad for today's lunch. Still got in a 45 min stationary bike work out , and walked 7 flights of steps and 5400 steps not counting the workout, so far according to the fit bit .Now to relax after a shower and watch Queen of the south.
Off Topic Discussion / Re: Van camping road trip was Flip A Coin
« Last post by sleazy rider on Today at 02:39:37 PM »
Worked up a sweat setting up camp. Need more water!  Gotta go grocery shopping now.
General Sport-Touring Discussion / Re: A new Harley sport bike?
« Last post by CLAY on Today at 02:02:12 PM »
I wonder why not a Bronx with a 1250 option?  That could be serious fun.  Then again, maybe that's for later?
Today I watched it snow.
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