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Title: Forma Adventure Low boots
Post by: Vulcanbill on August 14, 2020, 05:04:03 PM
Just arrived.  Initial impressions are pretty positive. (

I think they look really good. They come In all black but I have always liked the brown ones so I thought I’d rock the boat a little. I’m embracing diversity in my footwear collection. Fit and finish is top rate as it should be at this price point. Euro 42 fits my always the exact same size 9 feet perfectly.  The buckles are far less fussy than my big TCX adv boots and are easy one handed operation. That’s very nice. They’re stiffer than I expected for a low boot but that’s fine. I’m sure they’ll break in some.

I’ve been wearing my Zamberlan hiking boots on my commute and I just feel like I need more protection but the big boots don’t work with the stitch so here I am. And since I have my driveway and a dirt road to contend with every day, I figure any issues I’m most likely to have will require a clunky sole with some lugs.  I had to tap down when the bike slipped on the driveway yesterday so I know this is a thing.  Hopefully less of a thing when the new hoops go on.

I will be changing into reg shoes when I get to the office so I’m not worried about the all day comfort aspect much.  I am curious about how the shifter situation will play out since they are stiff. I will be in the basement soon playing with that and checking to see if the clunky sole will lend any assistance in the reach to the ground department. My hiking boots 🥾 have a lot of miles and the soles are worn flat so not only is there no traction if needed but they are shorter than they were. 😬

As always, I will be revisiting this thread with updates as things do or do not change and as time goes by.  I’m currently wearing them as I sit on the sofa. They match the sofa nicely.
Title: Re: Forma Adventure Low boots
Post by: coho on August 14, 2020, 05:27:36 PM
I have a pair of those (brown is best), they're excellent.
Title: Re: Forma Adventure Low boots
Post by: Vulcanbill on August 20, 2020, 04:02:41 PM
Day 4 I think riding with the new boots. Life is good. Very comfortable and not as klunky as I expected them to be. Sometimes I start working and forget to change my shoes. That’s a good sign. On the bike they’re awesome. I can stand up on the pegs comfortably and the reach to the ground does seem to have been lent a bit of help. I’ll take that. No issues with the stich closing around them. I do sometimes have to reach down and assist my right boot out. Turns out I almost never unzip the right leg zipper all the way to the stop. When I remember to, the boot slides right out. Happy with the Forma boots so far. Still think they look really slick and I’m glad I got the brown.