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Author Topic: Was in Potter and Tioga this weekend...  (Read 236 times)

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Was in Potter and Tioga this weekend...
« on: July 10, 2017, 06:16:13 AM »
144 and 44 are both in glorious shape after last month's chipping of sections, and 287 is faring very well with the chip sealing a couple weeks back; they did strips along the fog line and not the whole lane, so it's easy to see, easy to avoid, and all the places we saw this weekend were well matted down and felt secure. We were in the car, but my car has crappy suspension and has no sporting aspirations whatsoever and it felt great on the roads.

My uncle's heath continues to decline, and I'm not sure how many more visits with them together we've got :( (Did I mention the hating of the cancer?) But then again, he's four years into a two-year terminal prognosis, so who knows. I've seen a noticeable decline in his condition just in the last couple of months. Literally every day is a waiting game. But he's still 100% there, mentally, and it's great to catch up, hear the old stories, and learn more about that part of the family.

At one time, my uncle Ted and aunt Charlene owned lots and lots of property up there. They owned Manhattan Station, and most of the top of the mountain where it sits, and a string of properties clear on down to Sabinsville, two stores and property in Gaines, property in Galeton and in Germania, etc. Lots of stuff. He bought, divided and planted cabins on something like 4000 acres on that hill and a couple others. They've obviously pared way back over the years - sold off most of it, and Manhattan Station is still being run by the folks who got it after Ted and Charlene were downsizing.

There's a piece of property that might end up being available or changing owners, and we're thinking the 10 year plan is to do some minor work, then rent it out at a stupid low price to - well, this fine group - for seasonal bike, snowmobile, atv, and hunting destination stuff, until we're ready to build on it and probably make a full-time move up to the hills - in 10 years. There's a trailer and shed on site now; the shed that's there is big enough for some tools and 2-3 bikes. The trailer sleeps, I believe, four, two of which would have to be pretty comfy together.

We're weighing options, etc., yada yada yada.

But anyone looking for some place to drop a helmet and grab some ZZZs for riding that area and north and west might wanna reach out.

It's right on 144. Like... right on 144.

Anyway, as we keep running up there and back to spend time with my family, I'll keep finding road conditions as I can. If you haven't ridden that area yet, there's not much up there that's super technical, but it's just pretty and serene and there's pretty much zero traffic outside of the few larger towns you'll find. I love going up there, car or bike, and it doesn't hurt being pretty much NO humidity and being 15* cooler there than here at any given moment.
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